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The Four ‘E’s Of Moteeeevation

By Krupa B - April 26, 2019

The Four ‘E’s Of Motivation
Ask yourself: what is motivation? What is it that motivates you to do anything? What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? What motivates you to go to work? What motivates you to learn and grow and take care of yourself and your community? What motivates you to go to sleep every night excited to wake up the next morning? Do lots of things come to mind, or just a few? Do you wish you felt more motivated? Or, if you do find yourself experiencing motivation often, do you wish you actually acted upon that motivation more? What is preventing you from doing so? Are there things or people in your life who are actually blocking your motivation? What does it actually take to get motivated and then stay motivated? 
This is where what I call the Four ‘E’s of Motivation—the four elements, in essence, that are required in order to feel motivated—come into play. These four “E’s are: encouragement, excitement, energy, and eccentricity, and, as I’ll explain in a moment, each one is critical to feeling motivated, staying motivated, and taking action on that motivation. 

The first ‘e’ is Encouragement—what is it that encourages you to do the things that you do? Who or what supports you in following through with action when you’re motivated to do something? Who or what feeds your motivation, enabling you to keep achieving? Each of us need something or someone that encourages us when we feel motivated—even if its ourselves! Without that element of encouragement, motivation can turn into discouragement, and that’s something we definitely want to avoid. The next time you’re feeling motivated, take a moment to consider who or what is encouraging you to follow your motivation—and consider the fact that you may have to become that encouragement for yourself. 
In my own life, what encourages me is people—people, from my family to my clients to my community—all encourage me in their own, unique ways. Every time I know that I’ve helped a client change their life by coaching them to see things differently, I feel encouraged—and motivated to continue the work that I do! Each time I see that I’ve served someone, helping them to reach their goals or to envision the life that they want (and then actually motivating them to go after those lives!) I feel encouraged. I’m also encouraged by my husband and my kids—they have been some of my biggest encouragement, in fact. (In case you didn’t know, being a life coach takes a lot of courage and bravery!) I’ve definitely needed support and encouragement from my family in order to share my gifts, especially as a highly-intuitive coach who can sense energy easily, and who needs to be mindful of maintaining positive, life-giving energy in my own life—even as I help others cope with difficult energy of their own. 

The second ‘e’ is Excitement—and excitement and motivation basically go hand-in-hand. If you’re not excited by something, you’re not going to feel very motivated by it either. On the flip side, if you are feeling excitement towards something, you’ll probably be motivated enough to chase after it. This excitement is like your fuel—it makes you take action. 
What excites me, you might wonder? As a life coach, it’s knowing that I’ve made a difference in a client’s life! Or, at least, laid the foundation for that difference to occur. I love planting seeds for thought, I love helping people, and I love being a different voice (and hopefully, a more encouraging voice!) than the voice that’s in your head. I am excited when I’m able to guide someone off the hamster wheel of their life and into a different vision of their wildest dreams. 

In order to feel motivated, you’re also going to need Energy—and that’s our third ‘e’. People, things, and ideas can definitely energize us—and those are the things we’re going to be motivated to pursue. But we also need to make sure we’re giving ourselves the fuel (aka: energy!) we need in order to be able to pursue what motivates us. This is where self-care becomes critical. If you’re not caring for yourself by giving your body, mind, and spirit fuel, you’re not going to be able to sustain your motivation for very long.  
Believe it or not, something that energizes me the most in my own life is music—fun music, playful music, loud music, music with a lot of life behind it and high vibrations. I love music with lyrics that are supportive, encouraging, energizing, and motivating! 

Our last ‘e’ is Eccentricity—and when I say eccentricity, what I mean is a willingness to break the mold, to disrupt the pattern, to step outside the box, to be your authentic self, to celebrate all your wild and wonderful weirdness—all the stuff that makes you YOU. When you feed your eccentricity, you’re feeding your individuality, your creativity, your ability to jump through hurdles and challenge the status quo and think outside the box—all in order to reach whatever you’re motivated to follow. 
I love being that rebel—breaking cycles and challenging the norm. Allowing myself to share my own eccentricities with the world takes a lot of inner-confidence, positive thinking, and positive self-talk—even in those moments when I might be experiencing a little self-doubt. (And, let’s be honest, we ALL experience self-doubt sometimes.) But at the end of the day, we have to remember that every drop makes up the ocean—and the ocean needs every drop! I’m striving to be a drop. I’m hoping to reach the ocean. I love celebrating my own eccentricities—being courageous enough and brave enough to show up as my own authentic self. And that’s exactly what I want for you as well.
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